The pARTY in the Park Adoption Event Was a Big Success

We’re so happy that three dogs found homes through our adoption event at Russellville’s pARTY in the Park! Thanks to all our great volunteers for helping to find homes for these dogs, but also for showing how this community is ready for a NO KILL solution at the Russellville Animal Shelter. Check out these inspiring smiles:

1609800_851383994875677_3538395621409082921_n 10247330_851339014880175_1858415702137582582_n

Spring Break Adoption Event!

NKR Spring Break flyer

Join us on March 29 from 10:00-3:00 for another adoption event!

Spend your spring break helping us find forever homes for shelter dogs from the Russellville Animal Shelter. We are looking for volunteers who are staying in town to help in 2-3 hour shifts from 10am to 3pm at Azzore vet clinic on Parkway. Please message us on Facebook if you’re able to volunteer!

St. Patrick Day Adoption Event — Help a Lucky Dog Find a Home!

shamrock dog

NKR invites you to City Mall parking lot at Arkansas and Parkway on Saturday March 15 (from 10:00-3:00) for our St Patrick Day’s Adoption event. Help us find forever homes for a few LUCKY dogs from the Russellville Animal Shelter. Studies have shown dogs are good for your heart and your well-being! Bring a little luck and love into your home by adopting from the Russellville Animal Shelter. Fee is $40 and all dogs will be ready to go home that day! Please spread the word.

Day after Valentine Adoption Event — Find a Sweetheart of a Dog!


NKR invites you to join us Saturday Feb 15 (from 9:00-3:00) at Atwoods in Russellville for our Canine Valentine’s adoption event. We are excited Atwoods was eager to allow us to have the event on their property! Stay tuned to see photos of the dogs we will have available. We are also looking for additional volunteers for the event to help us walk the dogs, talk to potential adopters and get our message out there. We can all work together to find these great dogs loving forever homes! Please message us for details about this weekend or future events!


We’ve all had enough of this stormy winter weather, so let’s get to know some great dogs at another adoption event! Come out and meet the pups  from 9:00-3:00 at Tractor Supply once again (THANKS Tractor Supply for all your support!) and hopefully take home a loving animal who can keep you warm! Here are the dogs we plan on having at the adoption event (some of them may get adopted before Saturday):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


NKR will be hosting two adoption events—this Monday, December 23, and Saturday, December 28 — canceled because Russellville Animal Shelter did not have dogs spayed/neutered; new date is Saturday, January 4 (unfortunately, also canceled for same reason) — both from 9-3. Message us on Facebook if you’d like to spread some holiday cheer by helping out with these events!! Let’s make this a Merry Christmas for ALL of Russellville!

NKR Christmas Greetings


Canine Capers 2013

NKR is happy to present Canine Capers at this year’s Fall Fest in downtown Russellville, Saturday, October 26 from 1:00-4:00. We’ll have fun contests and events for kids and their pets! For a full schedule and a list of our generous sponsors go to our events page on Facebook: Canine Capers!

We’ll also have an information table at Fall Fest (10:00-4:00) where you can learn more about no kill and NKR’s efforts to transform the Russellville Animal Shelter to a no kill shelter.

Sign up for Canine Capers and stop by to find out about NKR and no kill solutions!



After our incredibly successful month of adoption events in August, we met to discuss future plans. Stay tuned for announcements here and on our Facebook page for news about the events we’re planning for this month and the rest of the year.


First, the numbers: we were able to find permanent homes for 22 dogs and foster homes for 3 more dogs. That’s 25 dogs who aren’t in the shelter anymore and who are living in new homes! We had a placement rate of 89.3%! And we’re checking to see if those other dogs found homes through the shelter — we hope we brought visibility to those animals and we know we helped socialize them and give them some time to play with kids and adults!

We are very grateful to Azzore Veterinary Specialists for hosting every single adoption event in the month of August. Thank you. You helped make this success story possible!

Check out the great television news story from Fox 16 on Bear and the Bryan family who adopted him (click here for the video and full story).

Bear adoption Fox 16 News

We are showing that a dedicated set of volunteers can help achieve the no kill goal.

We’re not done yet, though! We will be meeting soon to discuss the next stage of our plans. We know we will be holding more adoption events as well as dog walks. But we have other ideas that we’ll soon tell you about. Stay tuned!


We’ve posted a lot about our dog adoption events, but don’t think we’ve forgotten about our feline friends. Petsense provides a wonderful service by keeping shelter cats in their store for adoption — they’ve placed over 400 cats in the last 3 years! The pictures below show 3 of the 4 shelter cats currently up for adoption. If you’re looking for a cat to adopt, stop by Petsense (319 Weir Road in Russellville, next to McAlister’s Deli) to meet these and other animals!

Click on any of the pictures above to see a gallery of larger images.



4 out of 6 dogs found new homes! And two of them will be together! Daisy, Cowboy, Alan, and Honda were adopted, but we’re still trying to find homes for Ida and Sammie (Sammie starred on the front page of the Russellville Courier on Sunday, August 18). They’re in the picture below (Ida is on the right). If you’re interested in either or both of these girls, get in touch with us at or message us on Facebook.

Sammie and Ida

We still have one more adoption event in August — spread the word and come on out to adopt and/or volunteer!



The fact that Bear got adopted at our last adoption event is a really big deal to us at NKR. Why? Bear was at the shelter for 1 1/2 years without getting adopted. NKR found a home for him in less than 6 hours.

How did this happen? We think it’s the volunteers who made it their highest priority to find a home for him. We think it’s having a vision for success instead of accepting the status quo. We think it’s about relentless visibility: getting animals out into the community so people can see how wonderful they are.

We’ve been showing week after week that changing the way we think about shelter animals can have a huge impact on the lives of animals. It’s time for the Russellville Animal Shelter to accept the fact that they need to change. We need a shelter director who has vision and can find innovative solutions to make no kill a reality. We need someone to lead and inspire. We owe it to all the animals.

 No kill works. Bear has a home.


Once again we were able to get most of the dogs adopted — 4 out 5! That’s great news, but what is maybe the best news of all is that Bear got adopted (see picture) after having spent 1 1/2 years at the shelter! Look at the great family he will have!

Talk about flipping the scipt: the misperception is that animals at no kill shelters have to wait too long to get adopted, but NoKillRussellville brought Bear from a high kill shelter and in less than 6 hours found a loving home for him. Think no kill doesn’t work? Think again.

The Russellville Animal Shelter and it’s director have NO MORE EXCUSES.

1157448_10151527844406568_555670078_n 1098444_697071183640293_339693390_n


We were able to adopt 7 out of 8 dogs today. We’re showing that Russellville can make real changes in the lives of animals and have fun doing it. Let’s go NO KILL Russellville!!!

IMG_2195 IMG_2188 IMG_2175 IMG_2161 IMG_2148



We had a great turnout! We found homes for most of the dogs we had, and all the dogs had fun walking, playing, and spending time with some really great volunteers. Check out our Facebook album of the event.

We still need volunteers for upcoming weeks, so get in touch with us ( or message us on Facebook) if you’re interested! Remember that we have events every weekend in August.



NKR will be hosting an adoption event every Saturday in August! The stars have lined up for our first event, which will be this Saturday, August 3 from 9-3: not only has Azzore Veterinary Specialists graciously agreed to host our event, but the mayor has waived the adoption fee!

Each volunteer can make a HUGE difference since the more volunteers we have, the more animals we can bring to the event. Interested in volunteering this Saturday? Email us ASAP at Available roles: transporting animals and/or pairing up with an animal at the event (2 hour shifts). Once we hear from you, we will personally contact you with more details. Let’s get out there, have some fun, and empty the shelter!

Pictures of Animals at Shelter

A volunteer (not associated with NKR or the Russellville Animal Shelter) has kindly taken pictures of animals currently at the shelter. Check out the Facebook album she created!

Dog Walking! (July 26)

NKR friends! We will be hosting another dog walk event this week. Barring bad weather, we will be meeting Friday morning (7/26) at 9AM at the Russellville Animal Shelter. We will be departing from the shelter by 9:20AM and heading to Bona Dea trail. We will take the mile walk with the dogs and return to the shelter afterwards. Please remember to bring your own leashes and water! We will be bringing water and buckets for the dogs, but feel free to bring water for the pooches as well! Also, please feel free to invite friends. We will have some “adopt me” vests available for the dogs, but we have a limited number, so if you would like, please bring collars to use as well. We can’t wait to see you there!

Conference Updates: Day 2 of No Kill Conference, Washington D.C. (July 14)

The conference was fantastic and we learned so much that will help us work toward transforming the Russellville Animal Shelter to no kill status. While we were really disappointed that the Animal Control Director declined our offer to send him or someone from his staff on an all-expense-paid trip to the conference (see more in Upcoming Events), we are confident we can use this experience to build the will to become no kill. We’ll have a summary of our experiences at the conference posted soon!

Video clip from the final remarks by Nathan Winograd, director of the No Kill Advocacy Center and author of many books on no kill, including the award winning Redemption.

NKC pet retention panel

Final presentation on Pet Retention Programs.

NKC Rescue Roadtrips meeting

We’re meeting people (like Chuck Reinhorn and Julie St. Germain pictured above) who can help us with “Rescue Roadtrips” that will help transport animals from the South to places where they can be adopted.

NKC palliative care lecture NKC Austing TX presentation

Palliative care lecture and presentation from Austin, TX shelter on how they went from 45% to 90% save rate.

Conference Updates: Day 1 of No Kill Conference, Washington D.C. (July 13)

NKC Austinpetsalive slide

Final slide of fantastic presentation from Austin Pets Alive.

NKC Kaitlyn's notes

Notes from the conference: “Animal control was the biggest challenger to the no kill program” — from a shelter that has now been no kill for six years.

NKC auditorium NKC Panel %22saving lives by merging NKC lunch day 1

First day at the conference: auditorium for opening ceremonies; panel presentations; lunch and networking.

Conference Swag! Great learning materials that will help us make smart choices in our efforts to transform RAS to a no-kill shelter.

No Kill Conference in D.C. (July 13-14)

Our two representatives are at the No Kill Conference — follow their updates on Facebook and Twitter (@NoKillRuss)! NKR offered an all-expense-paid trip to this conference to Animal Control Director Mike Vernon or someone on his staff, but he turned us down. Read the full text of our offer and the city’s response on our Upcoming Events page.


You can also follow the conference through Christie Keith’s live blog from the conference or Twitter #nokillconference #nokillconf.

Information booth was fun — we had a great turnout! (July 13)

NKR 1 Scan Collectibles on Commerce-page-001

NKR 2 Scan Collectibles on Commerce-page-001 NKR 3 Scan Collectibles on Commerce-page-001

Closer to home, we had an information booth at “Collectibles on Commerce”  Saturday (July 13). It was a nice cool morning, lots of people came by to sign up as volunteers and just find out about our mission, and we met a lot of great people…and dogs!

Dog Walking Event! (July 10)

Though it was hot (yes, we had plenty of water for dogs and humans!), we had a great time walking dogs at Bona Dea this afternoon. Thanks to the many volunteers who helped! Check out this really short video of a curious pup (his name is Scruffy and he is ready for adoption!):

Organizing Meeting (June 25)

We had a great turnout for the meeting! Though our initial plans are still in the works, the meeting helped us connect with many people willing to take on responsibilities with NKR. Keep checking our Facebook page and Upcoming Events for what we have planned!

Article in the Russellville Courier (June 24)

Read Rebecca Soard’s great article about NKR: Russellville Courier Article on NKR.

Letters to the editor in response to the Courier article.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.09.09 PM

2 thoughts on “News!

  1. I want to correct my previous comment…i am against ” breed Specific Legislation”
    I am sick of everybody hating on Pitbulls, they are going to kill / euthenize one in the rsvl animal shelter if the owner does not claim it. I wanted to adopt it but they wont let me.
    christian folks in this area should know better than to join in on banning a breed based on a few incidents vs. all the amazing pitbulls out there. Ban the bad owners & educate the ignorant.
    I hope and pray Russellville becomes a No Kill Shelter soon. Animals deserve to live too.

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